About us

Founded in 2021, Patriot Liner was organized to counter the ever shrinking small business mindset of our industry. An industry once driven by like-minded blue collar leadership has been molded into large funds and corporations with one thing in mind . Their bottom line.


After serving in the military, the founders of Patriot Liner were heavily involved with two of the �industry leading�?� brands since conception. As the strategy of these business models changed at the corporate level, they decided it was time to get back to the roots of a customer service driven business mindset. The view of customers as numbers on a spreadsheet does not work. This is a relationship driven business, and that's where Patriot Liner intends to shine.



The not so new kids on the block

As word spread of the new venture, nationwide distribution was established and a board of directors was formed.

The board now consists of like-minded and experienced industry experts that share the same vision. With over 150 years combined of Spray-On Bed Liner know how, Patriot Liner is the fastest growing and most knowledgable brand in history.


Proudly American

Founded by veterans and  proudly providing an American made product.


We're Experts

Over 30 years experience between the founders and over 150 years inside our trusted  board members.


Support Local

Our applicator network is consisted of self made small business owners across the nation who share our same passion.

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